Perched at approximately 85m above sea level, the village of Cubert enjoys commanding views South across the Penhale Sands to St Agnes Head and beyond to St Ives, West to the inspiring Atlantic Ocean and North up the stunning coast of Cornwall. The Parish is blessed with the golden sands of its half mile long beach at Holywell Bay, which is shielded by an impressive fortress of dunes and flanked either side by some of the best cliff walks to be enjoyed in Cornwall.

With its ocean surf, peaceful valley walks, open commons and cliffs packed with wildlife, great pubs, a fun park and an 18 hole golf course, all set against an unspoilt rural backdrop, as well as plenty of community services and spirit, what more could anyone want? – A newsletter to keep its residents and visitors abreast of the latest village news, views and muse… Well we have that too:

Welcome to the Cubert Newsletter!

Feel free to keep the website up to date with details of your local events here, by simply advertising them on our social media sites. I know that Cubert & Holywell Bay are full of budding journalists, authors, artists and historians keen to share some news, a short story, anecdotes or some local facts that might be of interest and enjoyment to our readers.

Please do remember this is your Newsletter, and it is only as good as the contributions that are generously provided by its residents and visitors every month. Editor